Mavrovo (Маврово)

Маврово or “Mavrovo”, Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M).



Mavrovo tourist resort in the mountainous region of western Macedonia. It is located in the Mavrovo and Rostuša municipality. The village is a destination for tourists throughout the year because of its skiing center, national park, and lake.




The ski resort Mavrovo – Zare Lazareski is made for skiing and snowboarding, there are 25 km of slopes available. Perfect for families and cheap ski holidays, you will feel the warm-hearted ambience of the ski resort in the cold winter.


When we say it´s cheap, we don´t lie. You will have to pay 11 euros for a return bus ticket from Skopje (where the airport is located) to Mavrovo, 10 euros per night for accommodation, 13 euros per day for your ski pass and 10 additional euros if you need ski rental (poles, boots and skis).




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